Monday, December 1, 2008

Money shots

I know i havent written in a while but i am doing this blog in responce to one of my favorite bloggers Rebecca Wolf (Straight From the Bottle, Girls Gone Child, and her amazing book Rockabye) so this is for you Rebecca, here are my  "Money shots"

Saturday, August 2, 2008

My very first blog

I have to say this is my very first time writing a blog as an official blogger. i love to write but i have yet to venture farther out then Myspace. what can i say, i am still only a 19 year old. but don't let my age fool you, i am no child. i havent been on this earth for very long but in this short time here i have managed to create a beautiful family with whom i love with all my heart. i got married at a VERY young age. my husband and i got married on may 16 2006, just a month before i turned the ripe old age of 17.  Four months after we were married we found out the joyest news that we were going to become parents for the first time. we were blessed with a little boy on may 14 2007. Then the real kicker happened, 4 months after our son was born we found out i was pregnant once again. now both of my children were birth control babies. i was on the pill when we concived our son, and i had the Mirana (iud) and it fell out (yes that's right, it fell out).  i got back on the pill but apparently not quick enough.  so i am proud to announce our little baby girl was born July 7 2008.

I should probably introduce myself. my name is Lindsey, as i mentioned before i am 19 years old. I am married to my amazingly handsome husband Chris who is about to turn 26 (yes there is a HUGE age gap i know). we live in a very small town in florida called crestview. we have both been living here for the majority of our lives and both of our family's live here too. we have just become proud first time buyers of our very own home!!! there is alot more thats goes into buying your first home then i thought. this is going to be an amazing road to travel down and i cant wait for it to completly begin.

My kids truely are my life, I know there are probably alot of snickers, whispers, and comments behind my back about being married at such a young age. they probably went crazy when i had two kids before i was 20 but i couldn't be happier in life. our son is truely an amazing spirit. he can bring a smile to anyone's face and brighten any day. he is about to be 15 months old, and his name is Nathaniel Garrett Willis. my husband actually picked out his name, he has been wanting to name his first born son that since he was about 15. our little girl is almost a month old, and her name is Cadence Nichole Willis. the thing that is meaning full about her name is she and i share the same middle name. since this is my first blog i'm not sure what i actually should be talking about but i will get better at this with time. so i will end this with a little poem i wrote. this goes out to every woman who is proud to call herself a mother.

I have been peed on, pooped on, spit-up on and threw up on. I have been cried on, comforted, discarded, and loved on. 
I have been bit, slaped, kissed and hugged. I am the protector and the punisher. I am a jungle gym and a toy. 
I am the provider of the cheerio's and his elmo in the morning.
I give voice to their favorite storys and the builder of imagaination 
I love with all my heart and my heart breaks when I can't take away the pain. 
There are times when everything seems impossible and times I feel like I am the queen of the world. 
I get amused at the sight of a child sitting in a room with not a soul around and will not stop talking to a book for hours. 
I know I will makes mistakes but the accomplisments are what keep me moving forward. 
I am the taker of toys and the giver of life .... I AM A MOTHER!!!

Written by: Lindsey N. Willis